Seven Induction of Labour Resources

Induction of labour is a very 'hot' topic at the moment, and we recently shared a blog post about induction of labour which received a lot of positive feedback. One concern that people have is that many of the web pages which discuss induction talk about the ‘need’ to be induced, and yet it is always a woman's decision to accept or decline induction or any other medical procedure.Here, we share seven of our favourite resources for women who want more information about induction of labour, which may be offered for a number of different reasons. 1. Sara Wickham’s book, Inducing Labour: making informed decisions Sara (who is a member of our Forum) has recently updated her book on this topic, wh

Caesarean Operations

In 1985 WHO organised an inter-professional and lay Inter-Regional Conference in Fortaleza, Brazil, to consider ‘Appropriate Technology for Birth’. During the conference a search was made of the relevant medical research and as a result the conference agreed that there was no health improvement for either mother or baby when caesarean section rates exceed 10%. The obstetricians from North and South America threw their hands up in horror and said that they could not possibly return to their countries with such a recommendation. They proposed that it should be amended to 10-15%. I objected on the grounds that if they did that everyone would focus on 15% and not on 10%. I was voted down, and th

Ultrasound Unsound

Beverley Beech and Jean Robinson have written this week to Matt Hancock, the Health Minister, about the routine use of ultrasound in pregnancy. Women are being warned not to buy and use the means of conducting their own investigation of their unborn baby on the grounds that they have not been specially trained to read the results. They are not being told that ultrasound has never been properly tested on developing human beings although there are studies showing damage to animals. Here is their letter in full. It marks the beginning of a campaign to make sure that women are fully informed about possible dangers before they accept ultrasound screening. Current advice to women is that since alc

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