Group B Strep Explained, by Dr. Sara Wickham

I’ve spent 36 years as a birth activist and this book brings me joy. That’s not because I have a particular need to know about Group B Strep (although this book is my go-to when I do), but because this small volume is such an excellent example of exactly what any woman needs to be fully informed and to make her own decisions. We talk about putting the woman at the centre of the decision-making process but those are empty words if women don’t have access to balanced, thorough and clear information. This is exactly what Sara Wickham’s updated book provides. It’s also interesting. Starting with a brief ‘introduction to human- bacteria relationships’ and going onto one of the most through exposi

How to Dismantle the NHS in 10 Easy Steps

What a brilliant, insightful and compelling read. Although much of what I read confirmed what I already suspected, it still shocked and troubled me. Mostly El-Gingihy’s book (2019) resonated with me because I have lived and worked through the era that he explores; from having my babies in the 70s through the Thatcher years, to working in the NHS for over 30 years. He shed light on my often-asked question as to why, despite the positive rhetoric about choice and control for women, are we ever further away from effective care in pregnancy and childbirth for all mothers and babies? This book does not focus on maternity services per se, but rather the demise of the NHS as an entity, a whole, tha

‘Future Midwife’? What the NMC consultation means for the midwifery profession

I was excited when I heard that the new NMC midwifery proficiencies were to be based on principles from the Lancet series, a series of international studies on midwifery which spell out the difference that a well-educated and well-regulated midwifery workforce can make to the lives of mothers and babies worldwide. The series beautifully describes midwifery as ‘preventive and supportive care that works to strengthen women's capabilities in the context of respectful relationships, is tailored to their needs, focuses on promotion of normal reproductive processes, and in which first-line management of complications and accessible emergency treatment are provided when needed’ However when I came

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