Duty of Care? Charging migrants for health care damages everyone

The Maternity Action report in 2018 What Price Safe Motherhood? documents the damaging effects on pregnant migrant women of charging for NHS maternity care. It includes stories of destitute women who were presented with huge unpayable bills (often after pregnancy loss or complications). It starkly documents how the fear of debt and of being reported to the Home Office deters migrant women from seeking care. These are women who have fled here to seek safety from war, persecution and sexual violence, only to be met by the ‘hostile environment’ policy (introduced in 2012 by Theresa May). Their heartbreaking accounts are even more disturbing in the light of the latest Maternal Mortality Repo

First do no harm: how there is a serious danger that interventions in childbirth are becoming 'n

There is a hugely important discussion happening about induction of labour at the moment. It's happening on many levels, and much of the conversation is taking place on the internet. Parts of this blog post have already been shared, but we felt that it was an important enough issue to keep it out there for discussion, and add some other important questions as well. Last Sunday, one of us (Sara) shared the above picture and the following explanation on social media: "The latest induction-related discussion is the result of the publication of a debate in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. The debate is about whether induction should be offered to all women at term with a "for" a

Midwives should...

It saddens me how often writing around birth fails to look at the economic and political context in which we work. Yet that context so often determines what we see and write about. It influences the ideas that underpin research, books and comments on social media platforms. I used to think there was some sort of ban on the word 'capitalism' in writing around birth, yet the longer, if woollier word 'neoliberalism' has entered our narrative. Now I don’t think we suffer from aversion to the C word, just a lack of curiosity as to how things got to be as they are. Capitalism is our context, it forms the lens through which we see and much of our language. We don’t see the economic system that surr

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