How to Dismantle the NHS in 10 Easy Steps

What a brilliant, insightful and compelling read. Although much of what I read confirmed what I already suspected, it still shocked and...

Seven Induction of Labour Resources

Induction of labour is a very 'hot' topic at the moment, and we recently shared a blog post about induction of labour which received a...

Caesarean Operations

In 1985 WHO organised an inter-professional and lay Inter-Regional Conference in Fortaleza, Brazil, to consider ‘Appropriate Technology...

Ultrasound Unsound

Beverley Beech and Jean Robinson have written this week to Matt Hancock, the Health Minister, about the routine use of ultrasound in...

A(nother) Tribute to Mary

Mary's life's work so clearly encapsulates so much the we want to say about midwifery.

Philomena Canning: a midwife vindicated

The story of Philomena Canning, another in a long line of midwives who have been unjustly disciplined or prosecuted for supporting women in

A tribute to Mary Cronk

Mavis Kirkham writes an appreciation of Mary Cronk (1932 -2018).

Birth in British Prisons

Women are giving birth in British prisons in their cells with no midwife present.