• Beverley Beech

Informed Consent for Giving Birth in Hospital

"Dear Mrs/Ms/Miss ..............................

This hospital supports the view that women have choice and in order properly to exercise that choice they need to be fully informed of the risks in association with childbirth. You will already have had information about the risks of home birth. The following are the risks of a hospital delivery."

This is the beginning of a document that one of our members, Beverley Beech, wrote several years ago in response to the way that women were being told lots about the risks of giving birth at home or in a midwifery-led unit but none of the risks of giving birth in hospital. If a hospital ever took this thought seriously, this is Beverley's suggestion as to how such an information sheet might look.

We offer the document here as a means of redressing the balance and as a starting point for discussion: Informed Consent for Giving Birth in Hospital.